Sexist TV Ad Blast From the Past

There are certain things that I really wish we could forget as a nation in order to avoid facing the reality of all of the embarrassing crap we’ve done in the past.  Things like Watergate, or the never-ending discoveries of political sex scandals and love children and sexting (something about middle-aged white men sexting is truly horrifying).  And there are more important things I wish we could ignore, things that impact our individual lives on a daily basis:  the fourth installment of “Indiana Jones”, for example, or Turduckens (as if fusing as many kinds of meats together into one product was a contribution America really needed to bestow upon its citizens).  Sexism and our country’s history of gender inequality is another one of those things that would just be nicer to brush under the national dirt rug.  But when you see an ad like this one, with the tag line, “When a woman’s at the wheel, Polyglas means more than mileage,” one cannot help but be totally sickened by the blatant sexism that was so obviously pervasive in our society in the not-so-distant past.  So here is a terrifying ad that is worth watching and cringing over for.


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