The Facts on Population, Consumption, and Reproductive Health

This article contains a series of statistics related to population, consumption, and gender and reproductive health issues.  It is a particularly timely list considering that this fall, the global population reaches 7 billion.  Simply by the numbers, the information is rather staggering.  See below:

Population, Reproductive Health, Status of Girls and Women

Average births per minute U.S.
Average births per minute in developing nations
Percent of population under 25 in U.S.
Percent of population under 25 in Sub-Saharan Africa
Percent of women among the 1.3 billion people globally who live in absolute poverty
Percent women contribute to the world’s working hours
Percent of world’s income earned by women
Percent of the world’s property owned by women
less than 1
Percent of girls among the 77 million children globally not attending primary school

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