The Zinger

New seasons beget changes of varying significance: the weather shifts, holiday decorations in storefronts are altered, and we panic as our non-rent controlled apartments approach a seemingly inevitable rent raise.  But one thing a person can always count upon, whether the season gets warmer or colder, is that an onslaught of inspired footwear bursts on the market, fresh for the ogling and online purchasing.  This upcoming fall season, the nonpareil architectural thud of the wedge has already made its mark.  Jeffrey Campbell, known for blending vintage inspirations with bold structural contours, is capitalizing on this trend.  This stunning wedge, appropriately named The Zinger, is one of my favorites of the season.  Combining a two-tone glam rock aesthetic and a modest leather and suede textural contrast, this wedge manages a chic punk that’s also suitable for spicing up an office ensemble.  An exciting upgrade playing upon the sensibility of the dual-fabric flats that overtook the streets this summer.


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