Women Catches Rapist in Traffic Jam

After police officers issued a parallel statement as made by the Toronto cop that sparked the Slutwalk movement, Indonesian women protested the idea that they should change the way they dress in order to prevent sexual assaults, and it has come at a significant time.

An Indonesian who was gang-raped by four men in a mini-van took justice into own hands.  After reporting the attack, the woman felt helpless and  frustrated at Jakarta police’s failure to make an arrest or report any progress whatsoever in her case.  In an act of supreme courage, she returned to the same spot as the attack, searching the faces of the drivers until she identified one of her attackers.  Once she found him, she shrieked for two nearby police to arrest the man, who confessed to the assault upon capture.

Information on Indonesia’s Slutwalk can be found here, and a link to this incredible story is here.


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