Urban Rider

Willow's Urban Rider Collection

While the rest of the world hurried to watch “Glee,” I decided to spend my time productively: perusing style.com’s runway collections for the past hour and a half.  One of the favorite collections I stumbled upon was designer Kit Willow’s “Urban Rider” collection.

The Willow label has existed just shy of a decade, yet the Australian designer has already created an impressive following.  Her collections always feature savory draperies and intricate appliques, often utilizing fine industrial materials such as metal and glasswork.  As with the playfully cerulean, three-tiered silk dress above, her clothes often offer an almost aqueous movement with them; she seamlessly combines elements of a Hellenistic, goddess-like drapery with tints of urban flamboyance.

The Rider Collection, appropriately, incorporates western rural themes.  Throughout the line are knee-high, worn-leather cowboy boots, equestrian satin harem pants with elegant seams, and tapered jackets with high-necklines.  Willow takes the rural western ranch and hurls it into the 21st century, with stunningly fitted and chic ensembles.  The collection ultimately blends soft romanticism with urban sophistication, and her fabrics’ statements create an effect that is simultaneously demure and mirthfully bold.


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