My name is Rachel. I’m an NYC-based human who does do word-related things — both because I love it, and because it helps me eat food and pay rent and such. I currently write and edit blog, social, email, web, app, and other copy needs for Vimeo. Before that, I was doing so for SideTour, a startup that eventually came under the Groupon umbrella.

I prefer to keep things human over non-human, drill down to the intent, and bring copy to life in clear and engaging ways. I’ve been writing and editing (well, officially) for over eight years, specializing in short- and long-form editorial, brand identity, marketing and content strategy, and product copy. Basically, if it involves words via keystrokes (or pen/paper), I’m all about it.

Outside of work, I try to be of service to causes I care about: most notably women’s rights, racial justice, and environmental advocacy. Other than that, I read often, play guitar terribly, yield for peanut butter, and am a tenured Britney Spears and feminism teacher.


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